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2 PCS Set of Metal Telescopic long Straw Compatible with Stanley Cup, 40oz Water Bottle

2 PCS Set of Metal Telescopic long Straw Compatible with Stanley Cup, 40oz Water Bottle

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ThreeRs Reusable Stainless Steel Telescopic long Straw Compatible with Stanley Cup, Tumbler, 40oz Water Bottle | includes Silicone Tip and Cleaning Brush for Metal Straws | Reusable Drinking Straws

ThreeRs Reusable Drinking Stainless Steel Telescopic Portable Straw is a must-have addition to your sustainable lifestyle. Dont settle for disposable plastic straws when you can elevate your drinking experience with this reusable solution. Say goodbye to single-use plastics today and make the switch to an eco-friendly alternative that's designed with convenience in mind.Plus, with its telescopic design, storing and carrying your reusable straw has never been easier. From bubble tea straws to cocktail straws, this versatile accessory is perfect for any beverage preference.

  • Reusable and eco-friendly stainless steel telescopic straw perfect for use with Stanley cups and tumbler with straw and lid. This Portable Straw Can Extend from 17 CM to 31CM, Easy to Carry, Clean
  • Clean your Telescopic long straw with the Telescopic Straw Cleaner Brush. Easy to carry with supplied Carry Case. & carry case, Travel safe and organically hygienic over time.
  • The silicone tip ensures a comfortable drinking experience .This reusable straw is perfect for both large and small tumblers, making it a versatile addition to your Stanley cup accessories.
  • Ideal for both hot and cold drinks, enjoy using this Portable straw on the go for iced coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, soda or cocktails - nice look and quality better than Plastic Straw.
  • Perfectly Safe: Non-toxic and BPA free construction make this plastic free alternative safe. Enjoy favourite water, Iced Coffee & smoothies anywhere with hygiene 30cm metal straw




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